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Tuscan cooking today is characterized by simple food, not covered in heavy sauces. Cooking is done with olive oil—used as salad dressing, poured over bread, and in soups and stews. Beans are a staple. Sage, rosemary, thyme, and marjoram are popular herbs. The farmland produces olive oil and wine, wheat, and fruits. Chickens, ducks, rabbits, cows, and pigs are raised in small estates. The vegetables grown here include artichokes, asparagus, spinach, beans, and peas; and, a great number of wild mushrooms, including porcini and morels, is found.


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A visit to Podernuovo is the perfect opportunity to experience some of the Italian food lifestyle. There are several butcher shops in Castel del Piano which sell locally grown produce including prosciutto, capocollo and a variety of fresh and cured sausages along with excellent beef (bistecca fiorentino), cinta senese pork and chicken. There are a numerous local vegetable shops, a fresh pasta shop (open 7 mornings a week) and bakeries and pasticceria including the internationally renown Corsini which was founded in 1921 and is a major producer in the village. Of course great gelato and coffee can be found at any number of local bars.

Monte Amiata is also famous for its chestnuts and porcini mushrooms along with honey and pecorino sheep’s milk cheese which is produced in the village and can be bought from local shops.


Should you wish to dine out there are a range of nearby restaurants and trattoria which offer Tuscan food and pizze and within an hour’s drive there are several one and two Michelin star restaurants.


Throughout your stay, wine produced at Podernuovo is provided, however, you can also visit the nearby Montecucco and Montalcino wine regions (famous for its Brunello). Castello Banfi, a 20 minute drive from Podernuovo, offers wine tastings and a degustation lunch menu with matching wines from Monday – Saturday. There are also a large number of other wine estates within easy driving distance.


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