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Take a 15 minute walk up a chestnut lined path from Podernuovo to the village of Castel del Piano, where you can sit in one of the outdoor cafes and enjoy a coffee whilst absorbing the leisurely rhythms of village life.

The village is situated on the slopes of Monte Amiata overlooking the Val D’Orcia, about halfway between Rome and Florence and an hour’s drive south of Siena.


From the year 890 it was under the control of the Benedictine-Cistercian San Salvatore Abbey for more than three centuries then passing to the Aldobrandeschi family who sold it to Siena in 1331. In 1559 with the fall of the Republic of Siena it fell into the control of the Medici of Florence. The village still has several Medici buildings. 


The Nasini family, all painters, who were active in the area from the 1600’s to the middle of the 1700’s, were born in Castel del Piano and many of their artworks can be seen in the Church of Propositura in Piazza Madonna.


The main square, Piazza Garibaldi, was built in 1771 to stage the first “Palio delle Contrade di Casteldelpiano” an event not as famous as the equivalent in Siena, but still run on the 8th September each year between the four competing Contrade (districts) – Borgo, Storte, Monumento and Poggio.


On the first Wednesday of each month there is a large market, which takes up many streets in the in the village and every Tuesday morning there is a smaller market in the nearby village of Arcidosso.


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